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Home Athletic Event Expectations

Expected Behavior at Carthage Junior High School Home Athletic Events

We love fans to come and support our Carthage Junior High School Tigers, but please note the following rules:

  1. No outside food or drinks.
  2. Please do not ask to leave the game and then ask to re-enter. Once you are in the game you are expected to stay until it is time for you to leave. No, you may not pay again to enter. We do this for safety purposes.
  3. Carthage students are expected to sit in the stands and cheer for the Tigers. You are not to go to the visitors’ side of the stadium. There is no reason to do so.
  4. The restrooms and concession stands are located on the home side of K.E. Baker Stadium (the south side).
  5. We do not play in the end zone, behind the bleachers or in the restrooms. Also, no climbing on the back of the bleachers.
  6. We ask spectators to not stand in either end zone or along the railing in front of the bleachers.
  7. Junior High students are expected to follow the school dress code.
  8. Our “crowds” are not as large as at the High School games which allows us the ability to all sit in the stands and enjoy the game.
  9. Price of admission is $1.00 for students and $3.00 for adults.
  10. Only service animals as defined by Missouri statutes will be permitted inside the facility.
  11. During the game, only authorized personnel are allowed on the track or near the field/court.
  12. We ask spectators to use the upstairs restrooms when attending volleyball in the main gym.

Jenny Bogle
Principal - Carthage Junior High School