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School History

Carthage Junior High

The first public school building in Carthage was constructed in 1869. It was located on the west side of the public square, next to the site of the former Bank of Carthage Building. Although the Civil War caused revenues for city and school operations to be scarce, a new school building was erected on the present site of the Junior High in 1870. Two years later the high school was organized; and in 1878, the first class was graduated. There were seven students in the first graduating class and only fifty-five students were enrolled in high school.

The former Junior High School in Carthage opened for classes at the beginning of the 1958-59 school year with an enrollment of approximately 650 students. Prior to this time, a thorough study was made of the educational facilities of Carthage. Civil leaders, school personnel, the general public, and the Board of Education participated in the survey. As a result, the Board decided a three-year junior high was needed and a bond issue was voted by the people of Carthage to construct and furnish the building. The Junior High School remained on Centennial Street until the 2009-2010 school year when it moved to the former senior high school on Main Street.

The current Junior High School now occupies the former high school campus. Construction of the building was completed in 1904 at the cost of $100,000. Approximately 700 seventh and eighth grade students proudly attend classes daily in this historic building. The Junior High School is fully accredited by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.