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National Junior Honor Society


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National Junior Honor Society

The National Junior Honor Society, founded in 1929, is dedicated to recognizing and encouraging academic achievement while developing other characteristics essential to citizens in democracy.


The following standards and procedures will be used by the Carthage chapter to select its members:  Students are selected for membership on the basis of their scholarship, character, leadership, citizenship, and service to their schools according to standards and procedures established by the individual schools.


The following requirements must be met for a student to be eligible to become a member:

  • 7th or 8th grade student
  • Enrolled the entire second semester
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average of B (3.5) or better
  • Students must display exemplary behavior in and out of the classroom (no referrals).
  • Drug Testing Policy on file at the School
  • Candidacy application on file by October 27 (Exception: Enrolled after October 27)
  • Complete a minimum of 8 hours of community service by April 1 (6 hours to be served through the school)


The selection process entails the following:

  1. The counselors’ office provides the faculty selection committee with a list of eligible students.
  2. The selection committee distributes ballots for each candidate to the teachers. The ballot is an objective rating sheet, which is a summary of points for the five desired qualities in the candidate.
  3. The teachers confidentially fill out the rating sheets only on those students with whom they have come in contact with through classes during that academic year. Recommendations are confidential and are intended only for the selection committee.
  4. The recommendations are returned to the selection committee who makes the final selection based on the following: A student must have received a 3.4 average out of a possible 4.0 average from all their teachers on their teacher rating sheets.
  5. The selection committee will vote upon students who receive an overall rating of 3.4 or above.
  6. Candidates receiving majority vote will be notified of their selection and asked to attend the induction ceremony.
  7. A meeting of the members will be called to select officers for the next school year.


Reminder:Please be sure to sign-up for the REMIND program to receive text messages concerning CJHS-NJHS.       Please text the following message to the below number to sign-up.        Text : @njhsr9          To :81010  Email: